Hiring in Benton Harbor

Opportunities in Michigan

Are you looking for a fun work environment with room to grow as we expand nationally?

NOBO is looking to hire growers, processors, and trimmers for our operations across Michigan. We are looking to hire at all levels. We are an equal opportunity employer and offer benefits to all of our full-time employees.

Please visit our website to learn more - www.nobogoods.com

A little about us -
NOBO is a top of the line medical and adult-use cannabis grower, processor and retailer dedicated to providing the best patient and customer experience in the cannabis industry. We offer a diverse array of cannabis products all of which meet our exacting high standards. Our products are organic, grown sustainably and deliver the consistency expected from the NOBO brand. We are locally operated and place a premium on the communities in which we operate. We bring extensive experience in the cannabis space. Even in our earliest days we have always held the plant in the highest regard and place an emphasis on who our patients and customers are and meeting their individual needs.