[HIRING] Master Grower : NJ Grow Solutions "Automated Aeroponic Cultivation Facility" [HIRING]


My name is Pat, Chief of Operations at New Jersey Grow Solutions. We are a micro cultivation company looking for a Master Grower to join our team. I am not just looking to employ someone, I am looking for an individual to work side by side everyday and operate/grow our operation to the fullest potential. Unlike other opportunities our micro operation gives you the ability to have full control and say of our 2000 square foot facility. You are your own boss, you will have the ability to advise us on your personal experiences / recommendations. In charge of strain selection and plant nutrition. We will be utilizing an automated aeroponic grow system that also integrates with our climate control that is controlled via cloud. You will need to make “Recipes” and experiment with creating the best nutrition / climate settings for each strain. If you are interested in joining our team and being the beginning of the New Jersey cannabis industry please contact my email with your resume and introduction. Please also give me a call if you would like to get more information.


  • 2+ years minimum of indoor grow experience
  • Expertise on genetics / breeding
  • Leadership skills, ability to train future employees
  • High technical computer skills, ability to operate/monitor our automation software
  • Ability to advise on expansion and future needs for company

Salary based position which will be negotiated based on experience / needs. Opportunity to have stake in company after company growth and length of employment.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (908)566-5890


just sent a email Pat


Calling @HempStaff

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