Hlg QB96 ELITE V2 ENGINE light build

Ok guys here is a simple effective quantum board light build. It can be made in any configuration. Very cool little pinsink lights.
Here is what were using.
4x QB96 ELITE V2 ENGINES from hlg.com
1x meamwell HLG-480H-C2100 from digikey.com
4x QB polycarbonate optical lenses.
4x silcone gaskets. (For lenses) makes the lights waterproof, dust proof and bug proof.
4x 1"x1" aluminum angle from lowes, h depo, ect.
1x 3’ aluminum sqaure tube. Trying to keep the lights in the middle perimeter of the tent but still hits the corners.
4x 1/4" eye bolts
8x nuts for the eye bolts.
1x roll electric tape.
3 zip ties.
8 screws per lens.
1x set of power connectors 3 pin like a solar panel
Pair of Rubber gloves.
Rubbing alcohol
Paper towels.
Shrink wrap.
Soldering iron. Solder.
Heat gun to shrink wrap. Or SMD station like i use.
I buy light duty 100’ extension cords to make the power cords. No need for heavy duty.
1x roll of silicone wire 18 gauge i like the kind for building R/C drones. high voltage small like spaghetti.


  1. Make a template of the side of the heatsinks with cardboard.
  2. Mark all the aluminim angle with the template you made and use a tape measure to make sure it’s correct on all 4 of the light mounting holes.
  3. Take a punch and punch you holes. For the drilling of the mounting holes. I like a brass spring punch for this.
  4. Drill the hole you just punched out to a size slightly bigger than the screws that came with the lights.
  5. Mark punch and drill the 3’ square tube so you can mount the 2 sets of lights per rail set you just drilled. I found it easier to mount the heatsinks to the angle. Clamp them to the tube then mark and punch holes and drill them. To accept 1x 1/4 bolt and nut to hold the tube to the angle rails.
  6. Bolt it all together. Add thermal pads to the heatsinks after wiping them with rubbing alcohol. *pay attention to the board orientation before applying thermal condutive pad. Then Install the QB onto the heatsink and fasten with 4 screws after lightly pressing the corners of the board. Have rubber gloves on.
    Next make the power cords.
  7. Cut the length of cord you wish to use to power the driver leaving the male plug end on the cord. Strip the other end and tin the wires to prep for joining with the solder and driver wires.
  8. Wire the lights in series. Take a wire whatever color you like doesnt matter. But since the 1st connection to the boards is positive i chose red. And i continued red on one side of the light to get rid of excess red wire i had. Put the red wire in positive terminal on board. If your using stranded wire vs solid you have to tin it or it wont go into the receptacle. Then another wire out of the negative terminal on the same board. Then into the positive terminal on the next board and out the negative terminal again and into the positive on the next board and coming out the negative joining into the negative power wire of the driver.
    So quick recap
    Red /+ power wire from driver into + terminal on the 1st board then out -/negative of the 1st board. Then into + on second board out - on second board. Going into + on the third board and out the -/negative on the third board. And into the +/posative of the 4th board out the negative of the 4th board ending with the -/negative of the driver.
  9. Test the power before soldering the hard connections. WEGO connectors are for lazy people who like to waste money and doing things quick and dirty in my opinion. Im oldschool and i hardwire all connetions. And add my own hardwired disconnect sockets.
    Also i left the rails at 4’ i didnt feel like cutting them off. In case i add more pucks to it or reconfigure it.

Put the light into the tent and hung it and put some plants under it.


@PreyBird1, invaluable information. Thank you for sharing.


Anytime chrisj
The plants are loving the new light!
Take a look for yourself.


Do you still use these lights? And how close do you let them get, for the price I am considering trying them out.

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Yes i do and these lights are badass!
@theodyssey if you buy them spend a little more buy the gaskets and the polycarbonate lenses.


Are they a full spec or just for vegging?

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QB96 Elite V2 is a white LED Board with boosted red spectrum. Each QB 96 Elite board has 64 High power White, 16 Red (630nm) and 16 Deep Red (660nm). QB96 Elite V2 offers a wider spectrum than standard 70 CRI, 80 CRI and 90 CRI LED

Its a full spectrum.


Jacob Hadary on Nov 30, 2020

These things are amazing. I was using 4, 2 each on an HLG-320-54-A, and putting them at full power evenly spaced will burn buds in the corners of a 4x4 if you’re not careful. I ordered 2 more so I can have more even light distribution and still be powerful enough to flower a 5x5 with great numbers in the corners. Great little lights.


I actually have 8 of these little guys. On 2 different lights i built. One of the lights i made has one of these in each corner to add corner light.

Its my 2nd favorite light next to my Foshe aries.