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Hmmmmmmmmm 🤔

Any attorneys that can comment would be wonderful!

So we (USA) as a country have legalized hemp in all its forms (i.e., seeds, flower, concentrates, etc.) as long as a maximum level of thc (need reference) is not exceeded. So we can obviously mail any hemp products, such as seeds.

Here’s the caveat:
Marijuana seeds are not illegal in and of themselves. However, the small amount of thc they contained was, making them illegal, so now that we have a set a maximum thc level would marijuana seeds not automatically become legal for sale, trade, and transport within the USA or entering from abroad??

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions.



I order from seedsman are you not in a legal state?

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In most European countries hemp is forbidden but seeds are legal as long as they are not germinated. They are officially sold as collector’s items or as “luxury bird seeds” :smiley: at grow-shops. Seeds are sold online within European Union, mainly from Holland, but you also find local retailers in almost every country. I usually purchase mine at to my mother’s address in Spain and she re-sends them to me.


This is a food for thought post. I’ve nearly as many seeds as the seed banks :joy:. Well probably not but I’ve 3-400 feminized seeds (probably 100 strains) that the various breeders have sent me in exchange for diaries over the past 3 years.


Damn lucky hahahaha I have like 8-10 strains in my box at the moment very hard to find anything local my state is recreational legal but we have no legal market at the moment so I’m stuck paying 6-12$ a seed my area sucks all the growers I know are secretive and kinda weird about sharing genetics and tips or processes and procedures idk why I love sharing something good and or helping my fellow grower ghats why I love this place so much hasn’t a day passed since I started my account that I haven’t been on here haha much love and respect to everyone sharing


I have found one local grower why helped me out with some badass great white shark x seenoevil when I bought my cmh lights gotta love craigslist haha