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Home Growers: Thought on a new Canna Cribs podcast?

Hello @Hobbyist! Didn’t mean to leave you out of the fun!

The Growers Network team wants to continue bringing you quality, educational and entertaining content to the comfort of your home. Given the recent developments of COVID-19, we’ve been brainstorming how we can provide engaging content that connects us to the world while keeping everyone safe. An idea came up to create a Canna Cribs Podcast series, taking listeners on a voice-guided tour sharing stories from inside the industry and beyond. Guests could be whoever you want to hear from: fans, farms, processors, dispensaries, manufacturers, and more! Subjects could be whatever you want to hear. You drive the content! Interested in a Canna Cribs Podcast? Drop a vote below.

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I like that idea. I love to learn things and listening and or watching a video is a great idea!


Combination of voice only + video would be awesome. Doesnt always need to be educational or informative. Kinda like a show & tell for existing to emerging things to experimental.


I agree I would love to come on as a grower that has been growing for LESS THEN 1 YEAR with only 2 grows under my belt (3rd is on going) and went from 17 ounces to 892 grams mainly because of growers network and the community which helped me grow I would love to be the first interview and would be willing to show where I started equipment and all to where I am now from blurples bought on Amazon buying into the bs to a diy 900 watt beast tent


I think the combination of voice and video works better. Podcasts included.


Lol i feel the same way. I have a lot equipment i wasted money. I have a similar story. I would love to watch a interview of you. I love your light builds and information. Love the video links. Love the help. I like you a lot also. You have helped me also so thankyou!

Hi @chrisD!

What about Cannabis artisans in other countries/regions? That will be an interesting subject.

Regards from Ecuador,


I wish i could go on cannabis travel trips. Like go on tour at a grow facility. Go there have a lunch smoke some product. Buy some genetics. It would be awesome. Cannadestinations. Would be so fun. Wish i was rich.


I’d like to here about RB26.


Oh yeah this would be great