Homegrown auto cup

Introducing the Homegrown Auto Cup, a unique collaboration between Biltong and Budz Seedbank and Bay Seeds, proudly showcasing the freshest auto seeds South Africa has to offer. As we embark on our soft launch from December 20th to March 31st, 2024, immerse yourself in the essence of “Local is lekker.”

“Local is lekker”

Competition Dates:

December 20th – March 31st, 2024
[Note: Biltong and Budz will be closed from Friday the 22nd and will reopen on the 9th. (Last day of dispatch: 18th Dec). Any orders during this period will be promptly fulfilled from the 9th.]

How to Enter:

  1. Purchase a 3 seed pack of Bay Seeds – Russian Gorilla Auto seeds from Biltong and Buds using the coupon code “bayseeds” and you’re automatically entered.
  2. Share your grow updates on the Biltong and Budz Growers Group on Facebook. Alternatively, if you prefer to stay anonymous, email your pictures and descriptions to [email protected].
  3. For Instagram Users: If you’re on Instagram, amplify your participation by tagging both Biltong and Budz (@biltongandbudz_) and Bay Seeds (@bayseeds420) in your posts. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #homegrownautocup to showcase your growing journey and connect with fellow participants across the community!

This soft launch marks the inception of our cannabis community cup, complete with numerous prizes for the best grow, as determined by our esteemed judges.

Why the Homegrown Auto Cup?

We’re committed to providing South Africans with top-notch, locally-bred auto seeds at an affordable price. Join us in dispelling the notion that automatic seeds are solely expensive imports. Our cup celebrates the future of cannabis cultivation.

History of Automatic Seeds:

While relatively new to the industry, breeders have been experimenting with cross-breeding automatic (ruderalis) seeds since the late 1970s. The breakthrough came with the launch of the “Lowryder” strain by the Joint Doctor, demonstrating the potential of autoflowering cannabis ruderalis hybrids.

What are Automatic Seeds?

Automatic seeds are hybrids with ruderalis variety crossbred into them. Originating from Eastern Europe, ruderalis, named after the German word ‘ruderal,’ meaning ‘weeds growing by the roadside,’ has become a vital component in creating these hybrids.

Why Grow Automatic Seeds from Bay Seeds?

  • Local is lekker: Support local breeders enhancing our genetic diversity.
  • Year-round cultivation: These seeds flower automatically, eliminating photoperiod sensitivity.
  • High yield, short flowering time: Automatics yield big results when grown correctly, with a significantly shorter flowering time than other hybrids.