Hopeing for great growing weather for 2020

I have a nice Indica lineup for my outdoor grow they are . Thc seeds Chocolate Chunk, Barneys farm Gorilla zkittlez , Barneys farm Red Dragon, Barneys Pink Kush ,Barneys Do SI DO , Lab Seeds from Canada Afgani , lab seeds Cheese . Cunuck seeds AK47 , Ethos Mandrin Kush , Charlie Seeds Vortex, Humboldt seeds Humboldt Dream ,Aficionados Vanilla Berry Pie, Jinx proof 9 lbs Hammer and Charlie seeds Black Cherry Soda.This should keep me busy.


That’s an impressive selection! Please keep us posted and post pîctures! :nerd_face:


Hi Charlie. What a lineup of genetics, looking forward to see them grow. Recently received pink kush directly from reeferman, and I am almost certain that is where Barneys Farm PK is from. Reeferman and him did alot of work many years ago together. Looking forward to growing the cannabis cup genetic next season. Take care.