Horto in Urbs' Perpetual Grow

Howdy, folks! I’m getting this thread started to loosely journal my perpetual grow in a more casual fashion than the other grow diary site I’ve used. I will continue posting over there, but sometimes it’s soooo tedious to fill in all those weekly numbers when all I want to do it show stuff and spread some joy.

I’ll be doing some serious photo dumps and pithy reporting as time goes by, but to get this train out of the station, I’d like to show my little Cinderella 99 cannabonsai ladies that I posted to Instagram today and got a big thumbs up from Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm Seeds himself! For those who don’t know, he’s the creator of this near-perfect strain. It was a high point in my day. :star_struck:

Then this was harvest day for the C99 that these cloned mothers came from.

Next on the chopping block, barring any grow room disasters, will be an LSD-25 Auto from Fastbuds and two Malawi from Ace Seeds. Then I have years of seeds stacked up for future grows, lots of strains.


I will be keeping a close eye on this one


Those plants look amazing!

Oh man, C99 blew me away when I was younger. I remember sitting out behind my house with kaleidoscope vision, staring at the stars. I decided to put it in a cookie one night… too much. I was so damn stoned that it reminded me of the old book The Hasheesh Eater where they were visually tripping. Straight nostalgia.


I posted these in the Show Us Your Bud Pics thread, but I love them so much. Dutch Passion’s Cinderella Jack Auto. Best auto I’ve ever seen. Sorry about the watermarking, but I felt like I had to on the Grow Diaries post with the NSFW aspect. This harvest is still in the cure. It has at least another four weeks to go. Early testing reveals an absolutely delicious and potent strain.


Yes I remember them very beautiful ladies!!

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@Arbitrode, magic cinderella bonsai’s. Serious work, and top heavy beauties. Where the pics of your malawi? You growing them indoors?

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Two Ace Seeds regular Malawi, both sprouted on the same day four weeks ago, and both clearly very different phenotypes. I would flip them right now if the smaller one wasn’t a week behind in topping recovery. I might move it out to veg further and let the big one flip. Those fan leaves are enormous, and these bastards are going to stretch forever. I will definitely be doing 11.5/12.5 or 11/13 to keep that stretch in check as much as possible.

Using a water-only setup with Nature’s Living Soil concentrate and Roots Organic Original in 5-gallon fabric pots. I had some cover crop in there, but pulled some out when it started taking over early on. So far, so good on everything else. Good color, good response to training and pruning. The seedling stage felt painfully slow. I swear it seemed like they weren’t growing a couple scant millimeters for a couple weeks. At least until the roots reached the hot layer, anyway.

Photos should be more or less ascending chronologically, if they upload correctly. They were in a small tent to veg with my LSD-25 Auto, then moved into the 2x4’ to get ready for the flip. Their positions swapped between left and right in the new tent, too. One of them is clearly the smaller one. I’d say the larger is twice the size, easily.