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How about now?

Good afternoon, I’ve been waiting for the right time to harvest and just wanted some guidance. Doesn’t look like I’m going to get a strain that produces a huge amount of buds so I’ll make do with what I have. How do they look to y’all?

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Still too early…first sign: pistils are still fresh and green…they usually brown up. Secondly, you need to examine trichomes with a magnifying glass or similar. Trichomes should be mostly cloudy with a few starting to turn amber. Right now I would say your trichomes are clear so that would be a little early. Last couple of weeks is important to fatten up the buds.


@jpcsrva1 , thanks for sharing. Great advice from @bgjazz . You still have a few weeks to go.


This will help you train your plants for more yeild. All the cannabis plants will grow in a manner like yours without any extra help. You do some of the training tips on that article and you’ll start yeilding alot more…

Other than that she looks great!


Thanks a million for the advice.

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