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How are you packaging for retail?

How are you packaging your cannabis products for retail? In this ever-evolving marketplace, the importance of your branding/packaging strategy could not be more overstated. Consumer consciousness is at an all-time high and how you package ultimately informs retail decision making. How are you speaking to your customers? Have you ever had consumers complain about packaging? What were your actions?

Cannabis flowers and extracts are acidic. Do you use plastics? Metals? Are you worried about the transfer of dangerous chemicals or chemical leaching from the acids in the cannabis? Is long-term storage an issue? How do you mitigate degradation and oxidation? Do you nitrogen pack? Are you a wholesaler packaging for multiple retailers or are you a retailer packaging your own flower? What is your favorite piece of packaging equipment? @memberdirectory, let’s chat about your packaging strategy!


You couldn’t be more right with how saturated the industry is becoming; it has become so incredibly key to diversify your brand with quality packaging that pops off the shelf! That is exactly what we seek to do at Grove Bags with our proprietary film blend called TerpLoc offering every point of sale size possible. Check out our site and shoot me an email ([email protected]) if you want me to send some samples over to you of the SKU’s that interest you the most.


Grove bags. #1

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Leaching plastic, and shielding the freshness by opaque packaging and humidity control are huge issues for all my packaging clients. As well as considering the environmental footprint.


Grove bags have been amazing. Give them a shot. I’m sure you will be pleased

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