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How can I buy seedling on kine

How can I buy seedling on line. What’s best price and place to buy? Thanks

There are multiple websites to order seeds from. No seedlings. You can purchase clones from a local dispensary.

We can sell you some over 500 million cbd hemp non-feminized seeds
[email protected]
For the best price you’ll ever find on the market

Takes a couple wks to get from online, but I just used
My order should be here ehhh, I say 4 days

Pretty decent prices, great descriptions, descriptions of the plant genetics and so much more

I ordered 4 seeds and got 1 free seed and it cost me $55.19

Just order online and then you’ll be given a number in an email from them of your purchase and how to complete it.

****Call the number provided and they will finish your transaction of debit or credit.

****Give 4 days for payment to go through completely and then 6-8 days for it to ship from their business