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How can I open a cannabis dispensary?

How to start a cannabis dispensery? First of all, look into the rules from the state you want to have a dispensary at. Find out what government department is in control of licensing a marijuana dispensary. Eat, drink and shit all the rules if you are very serious about opening a dispensary. Do your homework and don’t pay anyone else to do it for you. Knowing every rule will guide you through what you actually need to own a dispensary.
Do a cost analysis. And go for it. It’s costly, time consuming, and stressful. But very rewarding once you get through the process. Just remember you will not get a bank loan for this kind of business. It’s still federally illegal and banks are FDIC insured. You’ll have to find other ways of getting money if you need it. Owning a dispensary is not for the weak. Don’t forget about the taxes that you’ll have to pay.