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How Cannabis is Used to Treat Measles in Western Kenya

Traditional medicine healers in Western Kenya claim that they’ve used cannabis for several decades to treat chickenpox and measles. Read more and be the judge…


Hi @kidete

Nice to see a post from you again. I think the article is more about the town of Kisumu rather than evidence based research about cannabis. Cool insight and detail about african and the underground medical marijuana movement. Cool work.

I apologize to the Growers Network for my reply to a topic, sorry for not staying on Topic. :roll_eyes:

That’s great to read about! Thanks for sharing. It would be interesting to know what types of strains and genetics they’re working with.:+1::v:

Hey kdawg, thanks for reading my post. Here’s a link to my collection of landrace strains in Western Kenya where Kisumu is located.

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Interesting thanks. Always good to know about landraces and elders medicines.