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How cannabis products helps improve your quality of life?

Cannabis helps in relieving pain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, Cancer according to studies. Using cannabis products has helped a lot of people to live a much better life. Please share how it’s helped you and tell us about your story with cannabis products.


Great topic! Absolutely it improves my quality of life!

At a younger age it helped my brain from racing like crazy to help me focus on the task in front of me. After my first fight with cancer cannabis became more the just something to calm me down, it became a major part of my life. With the chemo, and the emergency hospital stays, the nasty hospital food lol, without cannabis I don’t think I would have made it through it. I even almost went to jail after an ambulance right to the hospital because the house smelled like “Pot Smoke”. My Oncologist stepped in and saved the day luckily. It’s crazy I had to feel so scared and guilty because i used a medicine that made me feel better, eat better, and help me to actually fall asleep.

Six years later cancer free, and still using cannabis to help get through the day after the affects of what chemo did to my body. Then it was time for my second battle with cancer. I wasn’t scared I knew I had cannabis in my corner to help me through.

Now being five years cancer free, and yes I still use cannabis in my daily life. At my age it has many advantages with all the aches and pains. I think with how cannabis has helped me so much in my past, that is the reason I am so passionate about what I able to do to help improve the industry.

Well that’s how cannabis has helped improve my life. Thanks for reading.



Great insight. Cannabis has improved my life in all aspects. It has given me a better “quality” of life. physically, mentally, emotionally and socialably. It allows me to get into my inner self and make life better all around.


I have dealt with ADHD all my life. Stimulant medications only do so much to sate an active mind. When I was 17, I fell off a cliff while hiking/climbing and nearly fell to my death. While recovering, I was on some pretty nasty opiate meds. A friend came over and offered me two things that altered the course of my existence forever: 1) he told me the meds I had been prescribed were going to ruin my life and to throw them out (which I did); and 2) he left me with a quarter-ounce of hash-plant from Cali, which he said would replace the medication I was on. He was right. I have never looked back.

I came to discover the medical cannabis also helped mitigate my racing mind (I get where you are coming from, @TheWaterGuy) and focus on tasks as well as help me to sleep at night…all the symptoms we folks struggling with ADHD often suffer. I have since made it a personal mission to help others discover the virtuous healing qualities of cannabis. I have been honored to be part of the care teams for a lot of suffering people. There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing a person who is suffering finally get relief! It’s truly addictive.

Cannabis is now officially my career. I get to help people the world over every day to grow their cannabis business and brands, aid cannabis farmers to fine tune-their facilities an maximize efficiency, and assist job seekers to land their ideal cannabis careers. Cannabis has so transcended the personal and that it’s become just “what I do”. I am fortunate to travel all over and speak and meet with fellow passionate cannabis people like you. It’s a dream come true and I am humbly honored each day to be able to say I am “your Growers Network Community Manager”.

Thanks cannabis :evergreen_tree:

Great topic!


I have been using cannabis for about 20 years. I started at a very young age, but by the age of 13 I was a daily user. I didn’t realize the massive medical benefits I was getting until I was a little older. When I was 14 I decided to stop, due to concerns from my parents, and the normal worries about school, though my grades were fantastic.

Though I tried to participate in sports- I often got really winded, and nauseous after running. I was always tired. I could sleep all day if left alone. My parents thought I was just lazy and pot was to blame. About a year after- I was at work and started feeling strange- and went to the back where I was later found with blue lips and unconscious. After lots of tests and an extensive hospital stay, I was diagnosed with SVT- a heart condition where my heart average through the day was 253 bpm. That explained all of the symptoms I had. I had 2 procedures to try to cut and burn the diseased parts of my heart. The surgery was unsuccessful as the diseased parts grew back rather quickly. I was put on medication that was extremely disruptive to my life. I had to wear heart monitors often.

I decided to start smoking again, and eating edibles again. Sure enough- about 10 minutes after I consumed some cannabis- my heart rhythm completely normalized. I did some testing with my cardiologist at the time and found that somehow- cannabis controlled my tachycardia better than the medications they had me on. Keep in mind- this was 15 years ago, and so a respected cardiologist telling parents of a teenager that cannabis consumption was actually extremely beneficial, and potentially life saving, was pretty unheard of.

Cannabis helps control my heart rhythm to the point where I don’t need to take hard core beta blockers. I also don’t need to take all of the anxiety meds they put me on, or the antidepressants they suggested, because being told you might go into sudden cardiac arrest when you’re 15 can put a damper on your mood.

I am grateful every day for cannabis. It has quite literally saved my life. I am really careful about where I get it from, to avoid all the pesticides and heavy metals and mold that still somehow makes it into the supply at dispensaries. I also use it topically for back pain, and I will never get sick of hearing how it helps others. Cannabis is a beautiful gift and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for others that are now able to use it legally.


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