How dispensaries can use data to understand their customers

Collecting customer data allows you to make informed business decisions from your marketing strategy to the products you stock and offer.

This industry-agnostic belief comes as a surprise to virtually no one at this point. It’s well-known that the more detailed a picture you have of your patrons, the more effective you can be at serving them.

Knowing what your customers are searching for, and what interests them most, allows you to tailor your marketing and provide the products, sales and information that will give them the type of experience that will keep them coming back.

Every time a customer speaks with one of your staff, they are finding out who they are, what they know and what they need. Customers are sharing valuable information on a daily basis that isn’t being recorded or put to good use.

With Seed, that type of data gets gathered and reported so that you can better understand and cater to your customers with actionable insights.

Now, you’ll have a clearer picture of what types of customers visit your dispensary, what areas of cannabis knowledge interest them and how your staff or store layout can best address their needs

Collecting and analyzing this valuable data is of the utmost importance in the ever-evolving and growing cannabis industry.

While market trends are still being established, staying on top of those trends and customer insights, can save money and ensure you are bringing the most relevant products to market.

Seed will collect your customer data and deliver valuable reports in a user-friendly dashboard, helping you understand them as they learn and educate themselves on cannabis.

How are you using customer data to improve customer experience and increase revenue? If you currently are not, have you explored how capturing and analyzing data could benefit your dispensary?

If you are interesting in exploring how Seed could help educate your customers and increase revenue, let me know and we can schedule a demo.

Matthew Cutone