How do I pick an LED

@mastergrowers, how do you pick a light Today?

It was easier 30 years ago.

LED is the way to go but only one vendor can answer my hard questions.

What question should we be asking about LED Lights as part of our capital investments?


Unlike double-ended hps or metal halide commercial lamp companies, LED manufacturers cannot provide the documentation that assures a grower of exactly when spectral ‘droop’ occurs. I know with 100% certainty that after X amount of hours, certain parts of the spectrum will degrade with my HPS lights. When that time comes, I hop on a ladder and replace the (relatively) cheap bulb and soldier on. LED lights do not allow for this swap. One musty replace the whole thing at great cost.
At the end of the day though, it is labour that is the largest operating cost. I love my HPS lights but I have seen some staggeringly-productive indoor operations that deploy LEDs for their lighting needs. The future of lighting will be lasers. They’re relatively inexpensive, they never droop, the are ‘tune-able’ and cause no over-heating.

There are so many factors to consider. I love the deep canopy penetration of the HPS. The digital ballasts are almost as efficient as LEDs. They are so cheap - it’s nice to not have such a high CapEx.

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That is a really good look.

I want my light where 90% of my photosynthesis occurs. In say mums or annemone, I could see benefit in penitration. But in Canabis we know that most photosynthesis occurs in the tops of all axial branches that are fertial. And the lower leaves are waist sinks, of not so nice stuff, as copper is reclaimed for new leaves.

Digital balest are new to me. Will read up thank you.

What ultimately, I am dreaming of is spectacular tuning. The day will come. Sooner than later. I unfortunately see a time that local food means grown in a box. Fields will be ever more specialized. Lots of people to feed. We always find a way.

One more is did you see the paper I found on cannabis medibolic pathways in PK1 synthesis? It’s all in the root hairs! Then flowering is induced and overnight no PK1 in the roots. And all the sendary compound synthis starts. I would so like to figure how this could change a grow.

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We have said that my whole life. We are not there yet. I think LED are the closest we will get in the next ten years. A manufacturer will figure out the mtf problem. I know they are working a constant retuning in LED’S. Some one will become the special producer of high-end LED’S the weak link will come out as it does in IT. I think we will start seeing end user component replaced.

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