How do they do it commercially

Hi All,

Does anybody know how many plants per sq ft are grown in a commercial setup?

And what training techniques do they use?

Thanks in advance!


That’s going to vary alot from facility to facility, could be packed together like trying to fit 1 per sq ft if they’re growing on shelves/tiers or spread far apart like one plant per 16 sq ft in a Colosseum style grow. Training is also going to vary alot but the larger the grow the less training they are usually able to do. You will almost always see defoliation, lollipoping and trellis nets in flower for training. Trying to fit a warehouse full of plants with branch clips for training for example is something that can be worth it in a home or small grow but not at commercial levels.


Tables with fairly high plant count seem to be one of the most popular options but they’re not as tight as 1/sq ft