How do y’all do your nutrients in soil

So I’m running foxfarm strawberry fields in the bottom 1/3 of my pot and ocean forest and happy frog 50/50 mix the rest of the way . I have seen folks say no need to use any nutrients for at least 30 days. So with some autos they say no needs for nutrients at all just water. Very please with the soil just don’t want to screw things up, when I water I water with ph balanced water and fish shit which is awesome! No bad results yet just trying to keep the horse ahead of the wagon


Hi @vagrowtime

You have a good soil mix there and using some nice high nitrogen tea. So I think you will be fine during vegging but might need some amendments during flowering. Best is to start a grow journal here, post pictures, watch your plants and see for signs of nutrient deficiency as you grow along. We always happy to help.