How do you choose your commercial cultivation site?

@memberdirectory, I want to know about your cultivation site planning. How do you choose a cultivation site? How do you find the right space and proper zoning? How do you mitigate local objections (if any) to your site choice?

Let’s talk about facility site choice, design, and deployment!


@Growernick I’ve written a few articles on that very subject! One of them was published in Cannabis Business Times a few months ago. Below are the links to both articles.


Here is the 2nd article.


@WinstonEngineering, I was hoping you might get in on this topic!

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@Growernick I love to educate folks so they avoid a lot of the unnecessary headaches I’ve seen my clients go through!


@nick please message @WinstonEngineering about our contributor program. These articles would be perfect!


Thanks for the info, @WinstonEngineering. I’m currently in the phase of putting together a business plan, investor pitch, and license application for Missouri, which just recently voted to allow medicinal cannabis. Given that no one around here has experience in building new greenhouses or repurposing industrial areas for growing cannabis, I’m looking for some outside help with designs and cost estimations. Would you be open to having a more detailed discussion on that?


@PaulV absolutely. Send me an email @ [email protected]. I’ll set up a conference call.

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Missouri has a rich history in cannabis production. There was a long running secret cannabis society at the university. I bet it is still active.

Some great genetics work was done at the university for the hemp for victory campaign.

Growing, in Missouri, is going to offer some special challenges. First cooling to maintain VPD in a traditional greenhouse is growing to be almost impossible. This would lead me to an indoor build.

My concerns would be balancing light costs and cooling cost.

Resources for Missouri
Dr. David Trinklein
Dr. Trinklein has more professional production experience in Missouri, than anyone still teaching and growing. His knowledge of structures is top drawer.

If Marlin Rogers is still alive and with-it, he will be a wealth of knowledge.

If you are planning for the Kansas City area Stuppy Supply and Greenhouses

The rest of the state you have Hummert International they are based in St. Louis. Pete Hummert definitely knows about cannabis production. :wink:

Fred Gloeckner has good sales people in Missouri. Richard J. Boesen
Des Moines, IA 50322
Cell: 515-306-9975
Fax: 515-277-1326
[[email protected]](mailto: [email protected])
Territory: IA, KS, MO, IL
Rich is a True Master Grower of every crop floriculture crop. His family greenhouse operation was outstanding. It just could not make it into the fourth generation of the family. I would bet Rich’s grandfather grew in the hemp for victory program in there houses.

I would look for portions of the state that offer dual electric pricing, also known as off-peak electric. This is limitation in Missouri it is not available in all parts of the state, at least of 1990, this was true. Make sure you have natural gas available.

The generac sales team in Kansas City, can help with standby generators that will meet your needs.

Tobin Standard Seed was a good supply house in Kansas City metro area. I don’t know if they are still in business.

The greenhouse growers association in Missouri, Kansas and Iowa. Was outstanding place to meet other growers. They will not care what crop you grow.

The best drip irrigation engineering company in the country was in St. Louis. Plastic plumbing products. Bob pozarkowitz, he was an engineer specialist in drip irrigation. I know Bob, is retired, but if his mind is still there, he can irrigate anything. He designed the irrigation we used in both our greenhouses and field. In the greenhouse he got our drip system to have a less than .5 % difference between first emitter and last on every run. He was the Honorable Alderman in Baldwin Missouri. I think one of his irrigation engineers was hired by Hummert when bob retired. Bob, know ever drip irrigation product available worldwide. He did one trip a year to service the Netherlands. He sourced all my imitators out of Israel.

You are going to have to cost account for the difference between greenhouse and grown-room from an operation cost. As of today for Missouri, If i were growing cannabis, a custom grow-room is cost effective from an operation standpoint, in Missouri. Cooling a greenhouse is going to be the limitation in high production. Dr. Trinklein will have a hungry floriculture student who be in love with the idea of designing a grow-room.

The only difference between a well designed greenhouse and grow-room is the covering. The both have the exact same limitation in size. Either way I would look at a design with a center head house and the growth area coming off.

My personal opinion is today @GrowFlux has the only lighting solution that meets my growing standards.

Environmental controls, everyone will get mad at me, but from a cost benefit Honeywell’s large building package is the way to control your environment. Plus, the just sell more of these than anyone. One of there sub companies makes a nema1 class enclosure.

@WinstonEngineering, will be a big help.

Message me if you want more details.

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