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How do you display your product?

What sort of cases and display setups do you have in your dispensary? In the dispensary I go to (The Green Solution in Denver) they have electronic displays with potency and terpene profiles, with a picture of the flower and a bud sample. Behind the counter they have glass jars with samples for you to smell:

How do you show off your product for best visibility?


This is awesome. I’ve never seen anyone have such a great set-up.


Yeah their whole dispensary is really well laid out. If you go here:
and click on the “Take a Look Inside” photo it will show you a bunch more pictures.

When you go in and are waiting in line, the line snakes through all their merchandise so you can browse while you wait for your budtender. Then the layout of the product goes from flower to edibles to concentrates and then they have a cooler with drinks. They also have separate windows for fast pickup of online orders so you don’t have to wait in line with everyone else. When you near the front of the budtender line there’s a greeter who tells you bad weed jokes as he checks your paperwork :slight_smile: