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How do you do your deliveries?

How are deliveries (cash and product) to and from your business handled? Do you go with high security or obscurity? What are your Dos and Don’ts with regard to deliveries?


Great question, i am also highly interested in what options others used for secured product delivery? Thank you!


I’ve spoken with some people who have seen operations who basically use a local paper boy/girl to do deliveries. It’s extremely risky and kind of stupid.

@hardcarsecurity provides armored truck transports and all sorts of extra security goodies.


We’ve been delivering for a while. We screen our employees quite thoroughly and then screen our patients even more closely. Our attorney has told us our patients have to jump through maybe too many hoops but operating for six years we’ve not had a single robbery. We do not allow our drivers to carry more than the patient has ordered over the phone and check that it is the person actually receiving the order by checking ID (which we also keep a copy of on file). Patient profiles make all the difference. ABSOLUTELY NO public deliveries, meetups, etc. Must come from the residence that they have designated when they signed up.


That sounds like a safe and sensible plan. Do you have a bank that you make deposits at or is your business all cash?

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