How do you mitigate aphids?

Little critters make their way into our facilities all the time and have the potential to wreak havoc on our crops. One insect that frequently plagues our ladies is the nasty little aphid. What’s especially freaky about aphids is they have 16 distinct life stages, making them one of the most commonly misidentified pest in a cannabis garden. Frequently we make the mistake of thinking they are fungus gnats when, in reality, they are in their final stage of life and fluttering about laying eggs all over our crops. What are your favorite methods of preventing or eliminating this scourge to our crops?


Are you talking about Root aphids in particular? The “fungus gnats” i.d. is dangerously common. For those little lovelies, I have always used BotaniGard WP. Bio insecticide that works pretty well on them. This in conjunction with some root zone applications of pyganic and or azadirachtin can help.

Strip and sterilize is the only way I have ever seen root aphids be eradicated though…


PFR-97 is another bio-insecticide that is effective, especially when used in rotation with Botanigard.