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How do you prune?


I know choosing your pruning style is as personal as choosing your underwear in the morning (or not? :thinking:), so I thought a discussion on pruning might be prudent. I prefer letting my plants veg for a few weeks before initiating the first of three prunes. I like a nice lollipop style which results in a pleasant little bonsai looking plant. After I have cleaned up the bottom growth and given a little FIM my tops, I like to let the plant bounce back for a few days, then transplant, allow for a small rest period to recover from transplant shock, then flower them out. All said and done, my veg period takes about 4-6 weeks. I rarely need to use any support stakes with a healthy, well-trained plant. I prune twice more during the first two weeks of flower and then let my ladies do their thing…solid harvests every time.

Here are some pics of a plant before and after the first bonsai prune:

So, what is YOUR pruning style?