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How long are seeds good for?

How long r they good for?? Once my dad found out I was trying to grow. He gave me a bunch of seeds that’s he’s saved for 10-20-30 years!!! I’ve had them inside the paper towels for about a week now and nothing. But I’ve had 1 seed take over 5 / 6 weeks.


My 15 year olds didn’t make it :sob::disappointed:

They were stored in a cool dark place, I should have put them in the fridge
lesson learned


Try giberillic acid in your soaking solution. Helps old seeds pop.


Yeah, I should have tried that, it’s too late now, but it is now in my notes, thanks :slight_smile:


Ive popped seeds over 20yrs old.


How’d they turn out? I’m curious

I brought them over in my pockets in my luggage from Amsterdam and forgot about them. When I unpacked most of them got washed and dried except for one hoodie I was wearing on the plane. Had 8 seeds in the hidden pocket.


Yeah, was a little upset about my g13bw x c99 x ghaze not popping

But, I will end up getting some generals daughter and c99 both from the same breeder, it will be next year, but I really love cindy :wink: will also be in a better position financially, it’s been a hell of a road to disability.

Thank you’s (you know who you’s are)

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Keep them in the fridge in their original packs in a sealed container with a sachet of desiccant. Last for years

yea man I know about the road to get disability money money is still short we need a disabled grower group so we can share what tech work for what ever disability he or she might have and the lest expensive way to grow great bud.


Speaking of the road to get disability I am having one HELL of a time finding a law group that does a federal appeal. Anyone know one?

He has more should I tell him to do that??

It’s probably too late for that now, someone will chime in if I am wrong

@justgrowin Maybe try here first

This lady knows her shit, maybe email/pm her and ask for advice

I went over a year without a paycheck, thank the god(s) my house is paid for. I just received my first check, the wait time sucks, however, after the wait time, I was approved in less than 3 months because of my condition, I did not use a lawyer. You really shouln’t use a lawyer until your denied twice. (I did a lot of research on this)

@mom330 sorry for hijacking this thread

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I’ve tried to start some seeds I found in a film can that were from the late sixties,
none cracked or germinated using water soak methods. Guess way too long to try to keep seeds.
They would not have been kept in very good conditions.

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Just make sure store in dark and no moisture. I have seeds from 2000 and are still Viable.

MI gardener out of Michigan (on You-Tube)has a youtube video where he re-germinated or made re-viable… 80 year old tomato seeds…