How many 660nm leds to complement Cree CXB 3590

Hello all,
I hope you are doing well getting through Corona, and hope someone can help me out.
I grow in a small tent indoors under COB spectrum Leds.
I just bought some additional 660nm LEDs to complement my current setup.
Now i am worried, that I will have too much red light and this may have adverse effects on the end product.

I read on the internet that blue and red light need to be in a good ratio. Then again I read that only too much far red is bad.

  • Is there anyone who knows there LEDs and can guide me,if my purchase was correct?

Current setup:
1,44 m² (2232 in² or 10.764 ft², I am unsure if you guys measure this in feet or inch :slight_smile: )
3 x 4 = 12 Cree CXB3590 3500k on Mean Well HLG-185-C1400A) each 50 watts. So 600 watts)

The emmitted light supposedly looks like this:

Newly purchased add-on:
4 x 7 = 28 OSRAM Oslon SSL 150 LEDs in Hyper-Red.
2 x Meanwell LPC-20-350

I don´t know what I´m doing, but I checked pre-made growlights with the Samsung LM301B, which seems to be comparable with the CXB3590s.
If they have 660nm LEDs on top, they only have like 3-10% of the total LED amount.
So I don´t know how my 28 Oslons compare to my 12 CXB3590, and if its not overkill and therefore detrimental on end result.

  • Any ideas?

thanks in advance!

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What CRI rating did you purchase in the 3500k? Typically those are 80 CRI, and the additional red will assist in flowering a little better.
If they’re the 90CRI versions, then the additional red really wasn’t needed, as 90 CRI puts you in the same spectrum as the LED’s you purchased.

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Hello covertgrower,

The website of the place I bought them doesn’t say. But they sell these 3590s:

So I’m guessing they are CRI 80.
I bought 4 Ă— 7 Oslon 660 nm. All 4 are pulling 68 watts in total. So I have 600 watts Crees and roughly 10%. ( Polly way too much light :slight_smile: but I have solar power. )

It is week 3 since 12 / 12 and personally I think the stretch end of week 2 was more than usual, but I believe I’m already seeing some THC on leaves close to the 660nms. So it looks promising.

Thank you very much for pointing me to CRI. I didn’t know about it! And also thanks for your confirmation of my plan!

Have a good one,

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