How much do you know about California Phase III heavy metal testing and its application in vape pen business? Here is a quick guide for you

Recently, heavy metal testing issue aroused widely discussion in the whole industry.

Since California’s tighter testing rules for heavy metals and toxins went into effect, the whole industry is faced with challenge and higher requirements. It’s a big challenge for the cartridge manufacturer, and also for the whole supply chain. However, this is a good chance for both cartridge suppliers and oil brands, especially for those who can meet the challenge or exceed your expectation. The final results will be beneficial to all the consumers.

The cartridges is pre-filled and then they have been sent to the Labs right away. The Labs tested them and approved these samples. If the cartridges put on the shelf for a few months, it may or may not pass the heavy metal testing. In view of this situation, the government or relative department may put forward and set up new regulation to solve this problem.

On the other hand, lead-free is a technical issue. If you want to make a totally lead-free cartridge, all the raw material of the cartridge should be lead-free. Also, it has higher requirements on manufacturing environment.

According to GMP and FDA certification requirements, to obtain lead-free cartridges, 50% extra cost is estimated to be added based on original cartridges.

Some voice come out that lead-free cartridge will appear and occupy the market soon.

Some people tends to choose the ones which passed heavy metal testing with low lead while others hope to find lead-free ones.

If you’re the boss of an oil brand or vaporizer distributor, will you choose the cartridges which passed the Phase III with extreme low lead or choose the lead-free cartridges?

The actual situation is that very few cartridge manufacturers passed the California Phase III heavy metal testing. Transpring is one of them.

Transpring is the one who owns lead-free solution. If you have any questions on lead-free cartridge or on heavy metal testing, welcome to communicate with us.

Transpring Team