How often do you clean your bongs?

Hello All!

So how do you do your bongs guys?

Tbh, i find it such a hassle, but we have to ofc…

I do it on a weekly basis, anyone who does it like I do?


Every week… Then after the clean I put it the refrigerator with fresh water for about 30 min then take a rip


same! minus the water…

I hate cleaning bongs look better when they are clean though. My method is high proof alcohol like 70% that they use in medical use. Kosher salt because it’s more corse and shake it with my hand over it. Rest is pipe cleaner stuff…


how long does that take you?

same as @fusiondesigner but I use 99.9% USP IPA… the price is right at work and we have whole storage tanks for loading cargo ships…lol…


oh wow! I want to try that too but I’ll double check the price in my area :sweat_smile:

I replace the water after almost every use. I should probably clean the rest of it more often, though… :sweat_smile:


For comfortable usage once per two weeks is fine

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@leafygreenz I do that sometimes too :sweat_smile:

@dexterous oh i see…so i am doing fine …