How often do you see biodegradable cannabis packaging?

The waste generated by our industry is astounding. Every pre roll comes packed in its own individual packaged cone, each cartridge has its sleeve and two rubber nipples to protect the precious oil contained within, the eighths all have their own plastic bottle complete with flashy imagery…all of it ends up in the trash and ultimately, the landfill.

Cannabis is acidic and many of the cannabinoids and terpenes in flower and oils can strip plastics and cellulose; this presents a major problem for packaging manufacturers. How do you create packaging that is resistant to bio-degradation while still appealing to the consumer?

Do you use biodegradable packaging? What manufacturer do you use? Are you an @EquipManufacturers, or @EquipSuppliers who manufacturers green packaging for our green products? Even as a consumer, @memberdirectory, how often do you even see biodegradable packaging? Let’s chat about biodegradable packaging and the waste issue in our industry.


This is something I am now looking into…
But on the otherside of Waste Management, I am looking at this one conpany:

On harvest day, I call all the local pig farmers in my area to help with the harvest. After all the flower is off the plants, they all go to work taking all the leaves off. They take all the leaves to feed there pigs, and in return they will always stop by and give me free pork chops, bacon, ect… Free labor!
This is a win, win for me, and a win for them. And I keep all the roots from the plants.
This is how I handle my waste…


I’m still shocked by the amount of packaging used to sell buds in Canada.
We were starting from a white page. Can’t believe that in 2019, and given all the regulations (sometimes ridiculous) imposed by government, that no one said “let’s make re-usable/returnable containers mandatory”.

We do so for Coke, beer and soon wine bottles here…
The durable containers in which weed is sealed when sold in Canada can easily be re-used a bunch of times. Even if they have to put a new lid for safety purposes, we can still avoid to throw all this plastic to the landfills. I wouldn’t mind paying $1-2 more for returnable containers.

Also, some brands, like Tweed, use a mix of material in their containers (aluminium and plastic), which makes recycling even more complicated…

All these plastic (or plastic/aluminium) containers come inside a cardboard box… smh…
All these regulations and nothing for the environment…


Hey, back in the day (or if you still get your weed on the black market :wink:) you could re-use the ziplock bag!

But seriously, we need exercise some social responsibility as an industry and tackle this waste issue head on. Less packaging that breaks down in less time than a millennium to break down is not too much to ask for.


We at Catalyst Cannabis Co. use glass jars with wood tops, the only plastic is the seal on the top. You can then bring back the jar cleaned for $5.00 off next purchase, similar to a growler program. For the child proofing we designed a small cardboard that fits jar, the box that has locking tabs that must be pressed to open, of course the cardboard is of recycled, unbleached and raw material. We have a sign in our retail shop that tells how many plastic bags have not ended up in landfill, I believe we are over 100,000 to date


Nicely done!


The current packaging in OH from Grow Facilities is awefull. The thick plastic 1 pint jar is almost worth more than the .1 inside it! Yes, guys in OH for Medical it’s $55 for .1oz!
That’s .1oz = 2.8g for $55. !!! Plus $5 ATM fee and your bank fee.
1st of all anyone that does business in .1OZis shady and not hip. I refuse to go back to OH Shops until I’m working with the Grow Facility(s).
I not kidding when I say the amount of $ that went into plastic jars, labels, adhesive, freight, and stickers on the jar is a joke and $ down the drain.
By the way, the shop won’t show you samples or let you look at it or smell it. It’s a big let down when you open it in the car.
Some really big Grow Companies that most of you know of are guilty of this.
Crappy bud in expensive packaging.
Something gotta change here.
Kyle M

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Preach it!

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Hey everyone,

The issue of waste in the cannabis industry is indeed a pressing concern. The amount of packaging generated with each product is staggering, and finding sustainable solutions is crucial.

I’ve recently been exploring biodegradable packaging options, and while there are some available, they’re not as prevalent as they should be. It’s a delicate balance between creating cannabis packaging that protects the product while also being environmentally friendly.

If anyone has experience with biodegradable packaging or knows of manufacturers specializing in green solutions for our industry, I’d love to hear your recommendations. Let’s work together to reduce our environmental impact.

I see blboatds arou d michigan for some of the rec shops and dispos save 12 one oz bags and receive a free oz for bri ging in the bags. Lol.