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How secure is your grow op?

Last week our local news did a story about a new grow operation starting up pretty close to a residential neighborhood. It seems that a lot of people were concerned about the operation drawing crime to the area. While this struck me as a little silly, it did make me wonder if any of you had any real security concerns.

  1. What do you think? From your experience are these concerns valid?
  2. What security protocols do you have in place? (Just the basics. This isn’t a “how-to” guide for nefarious

That’s a great question. Most grows I’ve been to in CA have had pretty significant security (fencing, checkpoint before entering, badges required, armed guards, etc.).

I’m also curious if anyone has run into specific county ordinances that require certain security measures.


I’d think nearby homeowners would be concerned about how the new operation might impact home value and possibly the air. It’s no secret that most grows are not able to contain the floral scents of cannabis.

Not being a cultivation owner, I think security concerns of bringing crime to the area is a bit unwarranted. I have yet to hear of crime increases in areas with farming operations.


I hadn’t considered those aspects. I have to do some research into the property value thing, that’s an interesting point