How to Choose the Best Vape Battery?

For over a decade, Transpring has been dedicated to the development of high-quality electronic vaporization hardware. One of the most important things about developing a vape pen is choosing the battery.

Vape batteries come in various designs and appearances. We offer different battery options for customers: pen battery and palm battery. The battery structure of the pen battery and palm battery is different. Today I’ m going to focus on Transpring’ s buttonless battery, palm battery, button control battery.

Transpring pen battery

The pen battery looks like an actual pen. Pen batteries are usually in a round shape and easy to use, and compatible with all universal 510 threaded cartridges. There are mainly 2 different options for you: button-less battery, button activated the battery.

Transpring buttonless battery

You may find common vape pens with different designs on the market. We usually refer to a buttonless battery as an auto draw or slim vape pen. In general, the voltage is from 2.4 volts to 4.0 volts. These batteries vary the voltage based on the strength of your draw and are activated only when you inhale it. These batteries can only be charged with the charger because they work at a lower voltage. Please remember to completely turn off if it is in your pocket.

Easy to use
510 thread rechargeable battery
Dual protection
Transpring vape batteries with button

Vape batteries with a button is a button-activated model with variable voltage. It features a button control the flow of power to the cartridge and the ability to shut off the pen from working. It prevents you from using it mistakenly in your pocket.

Compatible to all 510 cartridges
Control over the flow of power
Dual protection Transpring palm battery

The palm battery varies in different designs. It connected the cartridges by magnetic adapters. The cartridges are hidden and are surrounded by the battery. This kind of batteries is also universal 510 threaded batteries, which is able to hide the vape discreetly.

Take Magic 710 for example, it’ s a stylish automatic vaping mod. Above is the magnetic adapter for the Magic 710. The structure is different than we have seen on magnetic tips. Make sure to not lose this one for optimal performance.

Sleek design
Long-lasting battery for it’ s size
Dual protection
Hits great

What is the best voltage for a vape pen?

Vape pen batteries come with a wide range of voltages. Transpring offers vape batteries ranging from 2.6 volts to 4.0 volts. For variable voltage design batteries, you need to adjust the voltage setting to find the most effective voltage for your cartridge. It’ s essential to make the batteries’ voltage matching to the oil cartridge or even a specific oil. This is the most important part to improve taste, quality, and user experience.

What do you need to know when choosing the best vape pen battery?

When choosing the best vape batteries for vaping, battery size, battery capacity, and safety are the top 3 aspects you should consider.


Usually, a larger battery can provide more power and has a long-lasting battery life. For slim pen batteries, it’s better to have a smaller battery size. Smaller batteries suit people who prefer to staying discreet when vaping. For instance, palm batteries are concealable, fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. These batteries are the best companions for a short distance trip.

Transpring offers a wide range of size options: pen batteries series and palm batteries series.


Vape pen batteries range from 130-900 mAh. Battery capacity is measured in milliamp-hours(mAh). The higher the mAh is, the longer the vape battery can last. According to personal usage habits, it will lead to different battery demand. For instance, a common 300 mAh vape battery can last for a whole day. Thus, it requires to be charged again when power off. Transpring offers 510 thread fast charger options for customers to choose from.


At Transpring, the vape batteries come with dual protection chips and multiple safety-security features. Vape batteries are designed to work at specific power inputs and outputs. When exceeding the limited voltages ranges, batteries will overheat or fail. To avoid these issues, we designed a shutdown voltage that will keep the battery works within the presetting output voltage ranges. In this way, it will help in prolonging battery lifespan. These batteries can be charged over and over for up to 300 cycles.

In general, your vaping preference will affect your choice of the vape battery parameter.

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