How to get work experience?


I am looking for advice as to how to get involved in the cannabis industry.

I live in a country where its not legalised, but the way the world is going I hope it will be in the future and my life dream is to work in this area.

I have a degree in biology, have been head gardener at some world famous gardens for almost 10 years and have been growing as a hobby at home and would consider myself quite a connoisseur. Unfortunately there is not a chance I can gain any industry experience when its so clandestine where I am especially when have not been able to travel recently.

I would really appreciate some advice on any companies that might want to help me out if could travel there now that is becoming more possible.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @hortusdea

Welcome to GN. You have the experience and qualifications that the cannabis industry is looking for. Difficult one , like you say, cannabis is still illegal in Uk. I know a couple companies looking for head gardeners here in South Africa, but I also know the pay is terrible. Check our job listings section for any suitable openings.

Because you have qualifications, consider emailing companies or look on their website for any job listings. Because you are willing to travel, have qualifications, I think its looking mighty good for you. You could also pop over the channel to Amsterdam for a couple quid and start cold calling the biggest companies in the world.