How to go from wholesale to retail

I’m a small grow and I’m having one heck of a time getting my product in stores. Does any one have any tips or advice to help?


Any @DispensaryOwners with advice for how to get product on your shelves? (i502 market for reference)


I operate within a company that holds licensing in all aspects of the business. I have personally taken on tackling the retail market. What I can say from experience is that it is not easy. I think having a comprehensive product list including awesome pictures with pricing is a must. Whatever it is that you are trying to market; having a website attached and any social media presence may just help you, as well. As well as current COA’s and your licensing right off the bat.The BCC has pdf files on all licensed retailers, I would cold call, send emails, and show up to everything within reach. Most people won’t even respond to me because competition is fierce! The packaging is beautiful lately, and getting better and better. I wish I had a better answer or an “easy” way but you just have to keep showing up. Follow up. Put your face to your product. If you don’t have a sales force and you have the time to introduce yourself as the cultivator, I think that is a really good start. They say it takes a year to really establish yourself, your brand, your stuff. Pass out business cards, go to the cannabis shows!! Good luck!!