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How to improve your bottom line with some tax tips

I’m a tax lawyer, former Enrolled Agent with the IRS, and specialize in helping cannabis professionals create the proper corporate structure to minimize IRS 280E and increase their bottom line.

Here are a couple of tips to investigate - it may require a little studying, but adding thousands to your pocket should be incentive enough!

A. SPAS - No, I don’t mean go and have a beauty day and get a seaweed wrap. Sorry.
SPAS - it’s an IRS term for “Single Purpose Agricultural Structure”. So, in the US, commercial real estate is depreciated over 39.5 years. However, if you have a dedicated structure used for either growing or storing agricultural tools, you can depreciate it over 10 years. Great way to add to your bottom line - but talk to your CPA or tax lawyer about how to do it.

B. Captive Insurance - No, it’s not holding someone for ransom in exchange for OG Kush. You can create your own insurance company, pay it the premiums you would for regular insurance, and after a year you can take it out tax free. It’s a little more complicated, but there is a lot of stuff on the web about it. The best part, there are a lot of insurance companies that will write the excess premium, so in case of a disaster, you’re covered. Once again, talk to your CPA or tax lawyer about it.


There are a number of cooperative insurance companies for horticulture business around the country. This way you are part owner of the coop. You get a dividend back some years. Plus, they underwriter through companies like Lloyds of London for major losses, like hurricane Andrew.


Wow - the idea of a Captive - that is a good one. I am a CPA with Captive Insurance experience.


Great insight