How to make a seed scuff box

Well lots of people that know about these “boxes” and Those people like to use a matchbox and line it with sandpaper and tape or whatever.
Well i used an old razor blade box.
Things needed.

  1. Old tiny box.
  2. Pen for tracing.
  3. Razor blade
  4. Sand paper or similair.
    5 tape.
  5. Take box apart carefully so it can lay flat.
  6. Trace the box shape onto the back of the sandpaper.
  7. Mark the flaps notch points.
  8. Cut out traced shape.
  9. Make all the folds backwards.
  10. Tape the fold.

Now load some seeds into the box and shake to scuff up your toughest shelled seeds to help them pop open easier!


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Very cool How to @PreyBird1 , thanks for sharing.


Ok I’ll take two ty lol


very cool tks again

Great idea think I will make a bigger version for my Canna seeds. !!

Thanks Prey!


Any ideas for really good yield but someone gave me a male, in the clones and turned a lot of my stuff seedy as hell, I want to figure out a way to sift through and pull the seeds because I heard they’re good and keep The nug or shake and roll doobies with Kief or possibly like to sift and squeeze and heat for some tarp sauce? Hate to see two lbs go to waste