How to sex seedlings without causing them to flower

Just remember there’s got to be some good distance from the light to the plant the ones that are growing super humanly fast are males they will exceed the females and it will be obvious

This is the method I personally use it’s this or wait till they start flowering or buy feminized or clones
It’s very reliable because you’re using you’re own good judgement when singling out the males you’re eyes won’t lie to you and if you’re a serious cannabis lover you will find this method is very reliable you want to deprive them light their first week of life but not completely take it away. and deprive them the second week but tease them a little by increasing wattage with just a little bit more distance between them this can be by positioning the light at an angle a couple inches from the previous position. I don’t know where I learned to do this or who may have taught me sad to say but I’m glad I was taught it. I try to only grow from seed when at all possible.

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send them out for testing. its cheap an easy just go on google look up sex testing

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I don’t grow males from regs or have been crazy lucky. In all my growing ive grown 2 males. My ladies will always stretch differently. All the strains act different.

The only way I know how to sex before is to grab a clone (a branch) , toss it into 12 12 lighting and it will let you knowin 3 days or so the exact sex. Then you just throw away the branch.

Try to stay away from broscience. If it’s not something in nature, it’s probably bro science.

Every plant should stretch to your more powerful light. That’s what they do. They move all day everyday.


It’s not just the stretching that signifies the sex but it’s the rate of speed it is growing as well but also I wanted to tell you thank you for ur advice about taking clones and allowing it to flower to sex it that’s a good tip I don’t usually take clones cause some times we’ve had to grow entire crops from clones so if and when I don’t have clones I’ll start seeds I usually re-home my seedlings so the ol man can grow his clones he gets from his buddy. I hate it but it’s a small sacrifice for love. I can’t stand growing clones to harvest I’m a seed girl.great weed starts in the seed. Everything about growing seeds is better than clones. They get bigger they taste better and their more potent. I’d rather have the original vs it’s clone. It’s not the same no matter how one tries to justify it. Nature don’t work that way. Evolution has experimented with replication all through our history good example naturally born twins from same parent stock also humans have tried it in labs 1 body 1 soul. I’m sure with plants replication works differently but imperfection is the facts of life no 2 living things are exactly the same.

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Hmmmmm , you have an interesting perspective, but honestly, I think it is loaded with some pretty subjective observations !
Either way, you are intitled to your point of view and thanks for sharing !!


I just found a Bahlk that does not apply to your males phylosophy that theyre always the tallest out of the gate.
I used to believe the same thing, now I have cake all over my face.