How to use site. Threads vs posts

Hey ladies and gents.

I wanted to welcome everyone to the growers network. There have been quite a few new additions this last week…

A couple of topics I wanted to discuss with the family.

•Threads are for the entire works of your grow.
•You can allow consensual conversation there.
•Try not to blow up someone’s grow journal with your pics unless prompted.

•Posts are comments.
•Be civil (which you all are! Great group)
•Refrain from politics and religion or anything that pushes buttons. Play nice…

How to start a thread and maintain it for best growing help.
• Top right corner there is a create topic button.
•Add subject, Next line “grow from home”, and start you subject.
•To add pictures ,click the flat bar with the arrow pointing up in the bottom right.
•Tagging folks requires @ and their handle.

This site is for growing, try to keep posts on topic. We can dm for all the conversation you want. The site will become a social site way off topics and ruin the usability of growing knowledge.

Other than that, you guys and gals are super awesome. Alot of love already pouring all over the site. Have fun. Grow well together.

  Be excellent to each other!



@Slym3r, great post bud and certainly needed. Welcome to all the new community members and looking forward to seeing us all grow, share and care. We have a long post about our community guidelines which covers most things about community. But always good to refresh or update people. The forum platform ( Discourse New user guide ) takes some time getting used to, but it really is easy to use once you get used to it. Keep posts on topic, i want to print that out and put it on my door. I also lose train of thought.

Welcome one and all. Lets ovagrow the system.


I am super proud of this group coming together

Looking great guys and gals.


Thanks for the welcoming I am new to the site. looking forward to sharing and learning.


Well said @Slym3r


How to upload pics on your thread…

On the bottom right of this action box is a button with an arrow. Click that. Then follow the steps to upload.

Be respectful of others threads. This is a journaling site for cannabis. Do not post pictures on someone else’s threads unless asked for. This will ruin their journals. This is very hard work folks have put in. Respect that.

These are not postings like Facebook. They never disappear. Think of this as your internet house. Keep it tidy. The more threads you create, the harder it is to help answer questions about your grow. It is very difficult to dig thru messages to find a problem.

Have fun and learn. Be respectful. Make a journal and invite all you want to chat with and make your canna family.


You can change the names on your threads.

You can erase posts you do not like.

You can tag folks with the @ symbol and their handle.


To get the best info before asking, check out the search button. Many threads have been made asking the questions you’ll need to research.

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Any other info for the newbies here would be great! I’ll add as I recall.

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Also no pics of things that shouldn’t be here. No guns or pics that cause distress.