How Trump’s trade battles are affecting the marijuana industry

The Trump administration’s imposition of tariffs on China is expected to have a direct impact on several sectors of the marijuana industry – in particular, cannabis vaporizer companies.

Others likely to be affected include:

  • Cultivation operations that want to expand their greenhouse facilities.
  • Growers that need to buy lighting equipment.
  • Brands that purchase packaging from China.
  • Businesses that buy materials made with Chinese-made steel and aluminum, such as extraction equipment.

“If I was in the vape industry or the lighting industry or greenhouse industry, I would be pretty concerned that costs were going to go up as the result of a trade war,” said Kevin Hogan, president and co-founder of Oregrown, a vertically integrated cannabis company in Bend, Oregon.

The trade wars from Trump seem to be rather inane, and hurting everyone.


It’s always the end user who pays the bill of a trade war. Who else does he think is paying for this? China? You, the end users, are paying the tax that is flowing to the government in the end, because the goods get more expensive.

Coming from the same man who said that import tariffs for Mexican goods would pay for the wall. Same mistake. The consumer is screwed hardest, Mexico doesn’t pay a peso. .


An unfortunate Tax on America.

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