How Well Do You Monitor Costs?

We’re making a savings and ROI calculator for Vulx. Since it doesn’t replace anything cultivators are currently using and is instead an additional expense, the value comes solely from the ROI and costs savings achieved by cultivators.

In order to do this properly, the questions need to be setup so that cultivators can actually fill in the answers to get their results.

What we want to ask is:

  1. How many plants
  2. Gallons of soil used per plant (seedling to harvest)
  3. Cost of fertilizer/nutrients per harvest
  4. How many harvests until you dispose of soil
  5. Average yield / plant (in grams)

Are these questions that a commercial cultivator would be able to easily answer, or should we perhaps change the way we ask them?

From this we calculate the cost of application of Vulx (based on gallons per plant*no. of plants / harvests until soil disposal).

Then we estimate reduction of fertilizer costs and present 20, 40, and 50% savings, and add on a 10, 20, and 40% yield increase (since both figures vary).

All that’s great, but not if this information is not something that cultivators would be able to easily access or recall.

We appreciate the help!

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