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How would you use cannabis tax dollars?

While some may wish there were no taxes on cannabis, it is and will remain a fact of life moving forward post-prohibition. While I agree with the sentiment that cannabis taxes should not be a panacea to balance state budgets, I think there is a chance to develop tax regimes that create positive outcomes both inside and outside the industry.

Given that tax collection is inevitable, where would you like to see the money go?

General K-12 education?
War on Drugs reparations of some kind?
Social equity programs?
Opioid addiction recovery programs?
Cannabis specific education?
Something else entirely?

I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts, thank in advance!



By and large I always come back to major allocations of tax money garnered through cannabis taxation (and all excise taxes) toward education spending . There’s a certain amount of social equity in this strategy.

Great question, @Pacifico!