Hey guys! What’s an affordable but yet a good humidifier i could get from like meijers or target? I see some mist some and some others one.

@louispicasso, your last post about your ventilation was for a 8x8 tent. This is a little overkill for you, as it cover double your area ,160-320 sq ft. But I have always said to people, rather go a little over your requirements incase you increase the size of your grow. ITs also industrial grade so should last longer, plus you get the great pre and post services of GrowersHouse.

I don’t think there is such a thing as a good humidifier and from the Stores you mentioned.
They are all a pain in the butt and need to be cleaned often with bleach and water.
Your on the right path to humidity but I really dislike all humidifiers from sonic to any.
Some growers spray their plants everyday with something or plain water to activate VPD so we don’t need to use those darn things.
Also, plan on making R.O water, Distilled, or Deionized at 0ppm or it rains calcium/lime hard water all over the place.
Kyle M

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So take it back then? Because i got one from meijers :sweat:

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What I’m saying is there are no good humidifiers in my opinion, at all.
I don’t care where you buy it from they all suck.
My own fancy expensive hot and cold sonic technology is the biggest pain the butt because it requires 0ppm water and the entire unit plus 2gal reservoir must be cleaned every 2-3 days with bleach.
If you continue to use a humidifier, it will make sense and I’m reading from my owners manual.
Kyle M

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Woops. Never done this. I give my humidifier a clean after the grow is done.