Humidity for tent

i have a 3x3x6 indoor grow tent. got my temp managed to about 75-80 degrees. humidity is low, averages about 40%. do humidity packs work? seen them online. i have 2 humidifiers i got from the store and they seem to have no impact. trying an economical way cause funds are limited. thanks


In every phase of vegetation or flowering Is required different humidity, in vegetative start high And in Finish od flowering low😉

I believe you are referring to vpd. @imSICKkid posted a nice chart for that! :nerd_face:
If you do a search for vpd charts, you’ll find it!

OH sorry Now i understand, sorry for bad advice :grinning:

Old post but something cheap I used to do was add a bowl of water below my air intake fan. It worked like a charm. Cant remember the how much it improved, but it did work for me. Might help someone.