Humidity problem .. AC Infinity setup

Hey Everybody, I continue to struggle with humidity. I don’t like have my dehumidifier in my tent, its taking up too much space and giving off too much heat in the tent.

It does however work for keeping the humidity low… But wondering what everybody is using ?

I have 2 4x4 tents with full AC infinity setups, 6 inch fans and filters, each tent has 2 blower fans attached to the poles. Have a small fan blowing fresh air in the bottom of the tent through a 6 inch duct. I now have bought a bigger Midea dehumidifier for the room (which is10 by 10 foot). I am in California where if it is raining normally its not too humid outside.

Have the controller pro settings setup in many different ways now, but nothing really keeps the humidity consistently below 50-55%. I am wondering if the reading is actually accurate or not ? I don’t have a way of venting the air from the tent to outside, so I have it exhausting right next to the dehumidifier…



The tent on the right has 6 plants that were just flipped to flower, and you can see the tent walls being sucked in by the fan. And the other tent is currently empty so the filter is not on and you can actually see the opposite, the walls being blow out.


Here is a couple of things I do to control humidity. Set the humidifier for the room down to 40% and use this to exhaust your exhaust out of the house. You might also want to move your intake fan away from the wall and have the intake fan itself pointed to the center of the room.


Is it exhausting into the lung room or does it exhaust where?? 6 plants may be a bit too much for one tent. The more green u have the more perspiration is gonna happen if it persists too bad may jave to defol alot of the biggest leaves off to rid of some greens to lower the rh in the room. If the other t a nt is not used right now is it possible to take out the y and run the tent by itself not teying to draw any air from the empty tent and just focus the gans on the tent being used.


The windows in this room unfortunately do not allow for that window duct kit, I had been looking at this as well… I swapped the intake fan to point into the room.

I am changing to the Autopot XL setup, so will be going forward be running 4 plants per tent. 6 is indeed a bit much, but thought I might give it a try this run. The other tent will be in use as of next week. its exhausting into the lung room, that is why I have it exhausiting right into the dehumidifier. Hoping that would make a difference.


Are the windows smaller or bigger than the ac window setups. I had to use just the one part in one window and use both slider attachment and all in another window. Is there a way to pop a dmall hole in ceiling or wall and vent into another seperate toom thru a filter as to not spread anything into that room like plant dander and such as i know they make things dusty asf. Lol

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No unfortunately they are not sliding doors, so nothing I can do there…

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