HVAC Companies - Who's the best?!

We are building out 9000sqft of flower rooms (1500sqft x 6 rooms), LED, 2x tiers. It seems like there are more players than ever involved in HVACD systems for cannabis grows. Anyone able to share their experience with the commercial systems like Quest/Agrinomix, InSpire, etc.? Pros and cons, etc.


Howdy @Allears,

Most HVAC systems I’ve seen are a combination of Quest/Anden dehumidification and local HVAC company installing some 5-10 ton units to manage the AC aspects. These units then are operating independently.

I’m helping consult on some operations that are now getting quoted out on the Quest IQ system, and it’s looking like a pretty awesome all-in-one dehumidification/humidification/air conditioning system designed specifically for grow rooms. I’d definitely recommend it.


Thanks Nate!