Hydro first run

I am going to give hydroponic a go on a auto flower grow. Thoughts, advice or Criticism.

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Sweet ! what did you get ?

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whats strain? Set up layout? Nutes your using?

I picked up some auto flower zkittlez from ilgm. Set up 2 x 2.5. Rapid led led. I haven’t decided on supplements. I was hoping for recommendations.

What type of hydro setup are you thinking about using @seaweed88? I’m a dwc grower myself.

I am going to use 5 gallon buckets with a mister running 30 minutes on 30 min off.
I have a very newbie question. The auto flowers I am looking at say they will flower in 8 weeks. How much longer do they take to finish on average. And how do you tell they are done?

How is the hydro working for you?
And thanks for the help

I won’t lie, it was a struggle my 1st couple grows. I never lost any plants but came close. But now that I’ve dialed in my grow, I’ll never go back to soil indoors. The rewards are definitely worth the extra work and money that it takes to grow hydro.

Thanks for the reply. What nutrients are you liking?
And what ‘s go to be my biggest challenge. Tents on its way. Lights here Wednesday. Exhaust fan on Sunday. The exhaust fan has a temp and humidity controller build in. So it’s going to be a couple weeks before I am going to give it a go
Thanks again.

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I have another question. I have been doing salt water tanks for 40 years. I would take a 4 foot light and run it on tracks on an 8 foot tank. The corals were very responsive to getting light from different angles.
I have had my nose in the books and constantly hear about no light getting to the bottom or center.
So my question is why not use a second light on the back wall. Put the plant on a motorized lazy Susan. They make 2 rotations a minute I believe. Why is this a lame brain idea?

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I’m an advanced nutrients guy all the way! I’ve used General Hydroponic nutes’s before, but all nutes’s aren’t the same. I trust where AN sources all their nutrients, and don’t just look for the cheapest bulk nutes’s on the market. You definitely get what you pay for. Always…
I promise you, all nutes’s are not the same. Putting your lights on a track is a great idea.
I actually use T5HO bulbs for my side lighting.

My 2nd T5HO is below my screen on the back of my tent.


Very cool :sunglasses: I had an order for advanced nutrition ready fo place. Bad choice?

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Plants look great!

Thanks my friend! If you have any questions as you go forward on your grow, definitely hit me up. I’d be more than happy to help you out. Start a grow journal and just link me in your posts.

Ok now I am going to show my age. I don’t know how to start a journal or have you get it also. Show me and I will get on it.

I see you are on the other coast. Take care my friend that shit looks scary. Be safe bro.

If you have lights on the back wall do you physically rotate them?

If you go to the main page there’s a button you hit, + New Topic. Hit that and select the grow from home, grow journal option. Then you add you posts just like you’ve been doing. There no need to rotate side lighting in my opinion. Main grow lights on tracks work amazing! But they’re more for a larger grow room to cut down on power and light costs. :v: