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Hydro Nicole kush

I am flabbergasted! I have a Nicole Kush clone, 5th generation, that has produced some bananas at week 5 or flower. The thing is the four previous plants were tough and never hermaphrodited. Maybe it’s because I’m trying this one in hydro. Anybody had experience from taking clones that were previously done in soil taking the clones to hydro and if so is there any correlation with hermaphrodition? The plant itself looks absolutely wonderful, it’s growing trichomes everywhere even on the fan leaves and it’s just getting started. I doubt environmental hermaphrodition is an issue and due to the four previous generations of successful female growth I’m leading to it not being genetic. Here’s a picture of the plant, I picked all the bananas off so you won’t be seeing them



That is such a pity cause she is a beauty. I have seen hermies in hydro. It happens for a number of reasons and more than likely inferior genetics. Its fair to say that cannabis in stressful growing conditions will show balls. It does not matter wether its seed or clone, bottomline is bad genetics. You still going to get some good smoke.


I had a plan hermaphrodite in the same room as its mother but never grew more than one seed because I caught it early. The four other Nicole Kush plants before it had no problem. I’ll just put it in the tent and separate it from the rest