Hydro, rockwool, grodan users can expand their rootzone dramatically with Smart Pots

We have seen some dramatic results from growers who were originally using 6" rockwool, but then expanded with either some custom made Smart Pot 6" square bags, or by using our 3 gal containers for even more medium. They were using rockwool cubes and coco as the medium for the expansion, but said the best bang for the buck was by using coco.

If you are a commercial grower, we do have a commercial pricing program.

Looking forward to your feedback and questions.

If you wanted to expand the root zone couldn’t you just use an 8" cube instead of having to deal with a bag to clean and coco to deal with?

Guys, this wasn’t our initiative. We did not hold any growers at gunpoint to make these bags. The growers have experimented with expanded Rockwool slabs, the whole 9 yards. This is the method they came up with to expand their yields. If you are happy with your yields, keep doing what you’re doing. If you want more, talk to me :slight_smile:

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