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Hydrogen cyanide found in THC vaping cartridges: report

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Any thoughts how we can stop this from happening… I’m from southern California and vaping is the “THING” here yet everywhere I look there’s un-tested Vapes with harmful chemicals… Even at licensed dispensaries… Do we put it on them for re selling undesirable carts or put it on those manufacturing the carts??

Thoughts? Ideas? Anyone

Consumers need to stop buying carts without certified lab test results available for each batch. If we stop buying, they’ll stop selling.


I wish that were true but people where I live aren’t to savy when it comes to knowledge about cannabis … … We are trying our best but black market bullshit wins because it’s cheaper… People think they get a good deal but look what happens… Recreational cannabis was just legalized in my state and now everyone thinks they’re going to make millions :joy:

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They need to get savvy. :grinning:

The industry also needs to do better gatekeeping, for sure. Still, as consumers, it’s ultimately up to us to decide what we consume. If people keep choosing cheap, poorly made carts, the market will keep supplying them.


Agreed! :facepunch: We have a state appointed cannabis control bureau Yet here we are… The state can only do so much it’s up to us to change things the way we want… In this delicate world changing business we can either leave it up to others to do it or have a voice of our own

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right opinion!