Hydrogen Peroxide for germination

I am still learning as I grow, so I am still reading to absorb helpful information to make a grow go better.
One of the tips I picked up for germination was placing a drop of hydrogen peroxide in water with the seed. I placed it on top of my water heater. Another trick that I picked up while reading.
24 hours later 4 of 5 seeds had a taproot. A couple of them quite long.
I panicked, and quickly got them in rapid rooters so I did not take a picture. The 5th one looks like it is ready to pop so if that happens I will take a picture of that one.
Anyhoooo 72 hours later here is what will be my third grow.
Blueberry, Bubblegum, Northern Lights.
Like Katrina and the Waves said:
“I am walking on sunshine, and don’t it feel good?”

Now I have to get these girls in their tent home with fake sunshine.

Stay Growing Gromies!


I meant to tag you brother

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Seems like I read something about that also a long time ago and then forgot it. Thanks for reminding me! HP is a oxigenator guess it supercharges the seed…have to do some research on it.



That’s very interesting thanx for the info


Just found this, simple recipe for making up your water with H2O2.

Help Your Seeds Breathe

It’s easy to improve your at-home germination rates by using hydrogen peroxide in your pre-planting routine. Simply add 1 ounce of 3-percent hydrogen peroxide to 1 pint of water; choose one of the following three methods. One, soak your seeds for 18 to 24 hours, rinse and plant. Two, place your seeds on a length of paper towels, use a mister filled with the hydrogen peroxide-water solution to thoroughly dampen (but not soak) the towels and the seeds, then roll up the towels loosely or simply fold them over so that all sides of the seeds are in contact with moist paper towel. Mist them lightly each day (or when the towel dries out) and plant them when sprouts emerge. Three, just rinse your seeds with the solution, then plant.


Good job… I’ve read that as well a long time ago but never had issues in that part of growing so never tried it… :v:t2:


Thanks for bringing the topic up @Jimhigh66. Myself and @Hydro were just talking about this yesterday. I was having trouble getting one of my strains to germinate. I was going to give the h202 method a try but wasn’t sure how much to use? So you just put 1 drop of peroxide to how much water? I haven’t had the time to research it so I appreciate the help in advance.
Thanks my friend!


Yep I just learned and implemented it on the abc. It was the only way it would pop. The shell was to hard.

Great finds. Very informative!

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Jus filterd water in a cup ppm110 and put ur seeds in it make sure the cup dosnt dry up for 2 to 3 days on a 18 hr light schedule works great



What worked for me was a shot glass of distilled water, and yes one drop. Now I did put 2 drops in the NL glass since it had 2 seeds in it.
Ironically the second one is the one giving me problems.
I was having trouble with the bubblegum last grow, so I put them away, pulled one out and it sprouted with this method.