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Hydroponic Nutrients: A Guide to Better Plant Growth

Learn How Nutrient Solutions Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Hydroponic System

What is a Hydroponic Nutrient Solution?
Hydroponic nutrient solutions replace the essential nutrients that traditional soil has. These nutrients come in two different forms:


The Nutrients Required for Hydroponic Growing
The nutrients that plants require are categorized into 2 categories: macronutrients and micronutrients.

The Best Hydroponic Nutrient Solution for Plant Growth
The best hydroponic nutrient solution mix is not limited to only macronutrients and micronutrients. Although enzymes and beneficial microbes are not technically considered nutrients, they are both important items to add in any nutrient mix.

Using Enzymes & Beneficial Microbes in a Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
The addition of a premium enzyme formula like Hygrozyme on its own or paired with beneficial microbes will improve overall plant health and contribute to plant growth.


How Much Nutrient Solution Should be Used?
Monitor the concentration of the nutrient solution daily with an EC Meter or a TDS Meter. Keep between 800-1500 ppm, depending on the growth stage of the plants. Oversupply of nutrients causes toxicity.

Grower’s Tip: It’s better to have a weaker nutrient solution than one that is too strong.

Nutrient Dosing Schedule
Top up the nutrient solution (with nutrients or water) as often as daily, depending on the size of plants and the growing environment. Bigger plants and a warmer environment will cause plants to take up more water.

A nutrient change out is recommended every 1-2 weeks.

Happy growing!


Can you use Hygrozyme if you’re growing in a sterile DWC environment (like with H202 present?)

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Hey @Jordan, thanks for the question!

Hygrozyme is most effective without hydrogen peroxide, therefore we do not recommend using H2O2 with Hygrozyme. BUT! You can use up to 2 mL of H2O2 per gallon with Hygrozyme.


H2O2 does weaken the effects of enzymes; but because Hygrozyme has a high concentration of enzymes to begin with, the formula will still have some effective enzymes when anything less than 2mL per gallon of H2O2 is used.


Awesome, thank you for the info!


Does it weaken/lessen the Hygrozyme (by killing off the enyzmes) if it’s added in too high of a concentration?

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