Hydroponics and Aqua-phonics

Hello everyone my name is Chris. Me and my friends are wanting to experiment on these 2 types of growing methods but we would like to get some feedback before we go ahead and start our trials. We’d highly appreciate all comments and advice. Thank you.

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@chriso23 welcome to the forum. What are you guys growing in now what media? Soil, coco? Both styles are very similar. There both pretty easy to set up and many ways of doing it. If your a beginner i would Try a deep water culture bucket set up. easy as 1 bucket or many buckets. aero ponics is a little more complex and if you screw up all the plants are gone. You may want to try coco first like hydro without all the water. It reminds me of BIOPONIC. Another style of grow popular in the 90’s
Here is a simple 4 bucket set up i built. I havent used mine yet because im using soil right now and coco on the way. I have to many plants right now and when i thin them out a little im putting this in and testing it myself.

And here is a small aeroponic turbo cloner.
Making roots.


Yes well me and my friends are beginners and we are trying to get any information necessary before we start growing that is why im asking. Im appreciate your response and i will take everything into consideration. How would hydroponics differ from soil or coco in like the plants life itself?

It all depends how good you are. You need to learn a lot. About water, nutrients, lights, temperatures, and ph of the water. If you guysvare serious about making CHRONIC then read this book first.

Anyone can grow weed but I’ve seen some shitty weed grown and people almost go to prison over it.

This is the cops raiding my friends house.
He got charged with clandestine lab because of liquid nutrients. And 78lbs of weed and it was 78 plants and NO WEED YET. But he went to jail.

We are very serious about growing plants. Thats why we are getting feedback from people such as yourself who have been in the community for while and have a better understanding of it all and like i said thats why we are also doing our own research. We also are reading up on the laws in our state so that way we dont get into any trouble. Thank you again i can’t say enough your feedback has been amazing and we will take everything into consideration.

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I had not grown since September of 1998. And here is what im making with ocean forest soil. And dakine420 nutrients.

Im new to the hydro scene also. There are a lot of new people here and most people here are really interested and passionate about this. Hang around learn and for godsakes share pics!


Honestly im a big smoker i love cannabis and im passionate about it and it wasn’t until i met my friends that we decided to try to grow on our own. So don’t be mad at me if we don’t start sharing pictures right away we are still getting everything together but once we start growing we will our progess with everyone here. And those babies look amazing!!!


Remember there’s always ways to manipulate the law’s… Here in California we are allowed 6 plants with no license… As long as each adult is registered in the same spot each can grow 6 so between my wife and I I’m allowed 12 in my house but only grow 2… After lease is up we are going to get a house with our best friends so that’ll allow us 24 plants total… Get what I’m saying… It’s ultimately up to you your style of grow and all the fun that goes with it but people here on GN are amazing… I’m going with Quantum board lighting next go around with a Coco medium thanks to some of my friends on here but everyone ultimately has there own style they like… That’s the fun part is finding your own grow niche :facepunch::call_me_hand:

I got 6 bricks of canna coco on the way. Scotty ill let ya know what i think.

Hey my friend. Your biggest problem will be keeping the water the right temp. As a starter, i suggest the majority of it go into the hydro, and just try a few aqua. Dirt is more lenient with mistakes. Start at 60% recomm3nded nute dosing unless you are following a pro you personally know. Make sure there is ample airflow, but not directly pummeling the plants, and keep that co2 at least at 1500ppm when they are potted and rocking. If you want , sleep in your room if you don’t have co2. All salt nutes are basically the same so don’t spend excess money. Peace and good luck

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Thank you very much and i appreciate you taking your time to give me some feedback i will take it into consideration.

Get a good ppm and ph meter. Lots of info out there about these numbers and their ideal range. Very important.


Thank you i appreciate your help.

Hey here is a pic of the little plants i have going in my aeroponic turbo cloner.